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Malcolm the Memory Man

Malcolm the Memory Man

Act name: Malcolm

Malcolm is an outstanding entertainer, who has harnessed his memory skills to enthral corporate and private clients alike for the past 30 years. This special routine of ‘The Uninvited Guest’ is unique, and is tailored to each client personally. Malcolm will remember the names and relevant information for up to 200 people before the event, and uses it to hilarious effect in a highly powered performance that will leave people speechless. He has also worked with audiences of 600 or more, ensuring that everyone present feels part of the same, warm experience.
Malcolm’s unique talent can be used in combination with either his naturally affable personality, or his ability to remain as serious a character as a US Senator, or even a visiting CEO. This unique blend of skills provides clients with an endlessly diverse number of roles which Malcolm can fulfil, from team building exercises at weekend conferences, to the more traditional after dinner entertainment on which he has steadily built his reputation. Whether playing it straight in seminars or ensuring an event finishes on a high, Malcolm has proven himself to be the perfect tool for corporate functions both large and small.

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